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Handwritten Letter Gathering

As an extension of our WeTalks, The Nest—guided by handwritten letter aficionado Megan Allen—is offering a space to switch from digital to analog with a focus on writing handwritten letters. Come explore the many ways to make someone’s day (including your own) through the process of writing a letter.  It can be a near-novel or two sentences on the back of a postcard. It can be addressed to a friend, a loved one or your future/past self. It can be to share gratitude, spill your guts or as a much-needed release. You can send it, tuck it away for future reading or burn it. However you go about it, I guarantee you’ll be glad you did it!  

Yes, writing letters by hand takes time and energy, but so do the best things in life. And just like those other things, it is better accomplished with good company. I hope you’ll join us in this cathartic practice every Wednesday evening from 6-7pm at the Rose Gardens at Idlewild Park (as weather permits.)

Themes are loose, but it's always good to have a jumping off point:

September 13. Focus 1: the art of self care and script

September 20. Focus 2: stamp of approval, envelopes with wax seals and politics

September 27. Focus 3: “the world needs more love letters" project and international mailing standards/international discussion

October 4. Focus 4: thank you’s - a session rooted in gratitude

Earlier Event: September 13
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