Flower Crown Class with Camryn Lane

Camryn Lane Flower Crown

If you’re like me, you’re jonesing for spring—or at least a little break in the weather! Let’s usher in warmer days with a handmade flower crown in one of our favorite classes taught by Camryn Lane. Gather your boho fairy princess friends and join us in creating your very own flower crown to take home while we enjoy drinks and treats to get us ready for a long-awaited spring.




Terrarium Class Recap


If you easily get FOMO, don’t look at the album below from our 8th Annual Getting Dirty on Valentine’s Day Class!

We had a blast! So many amazing and FUN people and terrariums. I laughed A LOT with this crew. With a glass of wine and a Holey Schmidt donut in hand, we had a memorable evening, took home living works of art and even had a staff ‘end of the night’ dance party! Check it out below. See a photo of yourself that you just love? Go to our Facebook album where you can tag yourself and download the photo courtesy of Alexis Turner Photography.

If you feel like you missed out on hanging out with some cool cats, don’t fret: we’ll do it again next year… ;)

Terrariums not your thing? We have a floral arrangement class with Camryn Lane coming up on April 14th and a series of 3 macrame classes getting dialed right now as well! Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details. Have any suggestions for a craft you want to learn? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see what we can do!

8th Annual Getting Dirty On Valentine's Day Terrarium Class

The Nest Getting Dirty On Valentine's Day Terrarium Class

We have been Getting Dirty on Valentine’s Day with our annual terrarium class for 8 years now! We’ve never been your traditional ‘it’s Valentine’s Day so here’s some flowers and let’s go to dinner and a movie’ type of people. We roll up our sleeves, play in the dirt and create unique and lasting terrariums, all with a glass of wine and a delicious locally made dessert in hand. If you’re over ‘traditional’ this year, please join us!

WHEN: Thursday, February 14th. 7pm

WHERE: The Nest

PRICE: $45 per person in advance/$55 day of

This class is great for couples, singles and groups alike. If you’re looking for something fresh, fun and affordable to do with your S.O., you want to sidestep the pressure of a more formal date or you just want to kick it with a group of friends and make new ones, come get dirty with us!

Not hip to terrariums? They are living works of art! We supply a variety of vessels and let you loose to fill them with succulents, air plants and vintage baubles we have collected over the years to personalize them.

More of a black thumb than a green one? Don’t fret. I am good at killing plants, and I still have my terrariums from our very first class! Maintenance is minimal, and the succulents even propagate themselves. Boom! Way better than a bouquet of flowers you have to throw out in a week!

Not quite convinced yet? Check out photos from past classes or find yourself some inspiration on my Pinterest Board.

The Nest Getting Dirty on Valentine's Day Terrarium Class

The Nest's 9 Year Anniversary

I’ve had The Nest for just shy of a decade. Wait, what?

When I read that, I have to double take. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to have been in business for 12 years—9 of those being with this thriving vintage store that you see before you!

To celebrate, Tina Vines of Vines of The West, Amy Aramanda of Button Pusher and Jeremy and Jess from Verdi Local Distillery popped up and Daily Blessings Photography was there to capture the fun and hilarity of it all!

If you were able to make it, thank you so much for all of your support, and be sure to check our gallery on the Facebook page to tag yourself and use the photo for your new profile pic, perhaps? If you weren’t there to grace us with your presence, you were sorely missed. I am beyond grateful for all of your abundant encouragement and love these past nine years and hope you all can make it to our next great event!

Totes & Tea Towels with Casey Sibley

Tote Bag Class with Casey Sibley

We just finished the second in our series of four Textile Painting Classes with Casey Sibley! Man, I really can't explain to you how rejuvenating they are. Between working and "adulting" we leave little time for playing. It may sound like a frivolous thing, but if you think about it, why are most kids so happy? Because they get to PLAY ALL THE TIME!

Now, I know bills have to get paid and such, but two hours once a month isn't as hard of a commitment as we make it out to be. Secretly, I asked Casey to do these classes because I was desperately in need of a creative outlet. I knew that if I needed it, then there had to be a lot of others out there who needed it too.

Casey Sibley Painting Class

These intimate classes (we cap 'em at 10!) end up being so much more than just a few strokes on some fabric. We make new friends, encourage and support each other, and there are so many lessons to learn: knowing when to stop, letting go when we decided not to stop and made a mess of our project that seemed so much better before, and many more!

I want to thank all of the amazingly creative and wonderful people who have partaken in our classes--and not just for taking our class but for bringing their uplifting energy to the group!

If you haven't been to one but would like to, there are two more on the books: Infinity Scarves (Oct 28) and Napkin Sets (Nov 30), and we would love for you to join us. It's cheaper (and more effective, I think) than therapy (and there's wine!),  and you get to walk away with a usable work of your very own art!

Even if you can't make it to one of our classes, please take care of yourself and PLAY--whether it's an art class or dancing in your living room or whatever it is that reminds you of what it was like to be a carefree child. Do it! It's for your health and sanity!

Meet Casey Sibley

This is Casey Sibley.

She is awesome and creative and talented.

Since she is going to be teaching a series of textile painting classes at The Nest that I'm super stoked about (check out this blog post for more info), I thought y'all would want a chance to get to know her a little better.

She is one of my favorite ladybosses to collaborate with: not only does she teach an informative yet therapeutic and encouraging arts class, but she is also an uber organized fellow Virgo that understands that the struggle is real.

Read on to find out more about Casey and her creative process. Be sure to check out her website to support her creative endeavors by buying her goods that are sure to inspire happiness in your life!

I absolutely adore your fabric buckets and bags and have them in pretty much every room in my house. What was your inspiration in making goods to inspire a happy life?

Thank you! I love to hear that! When I started making products several years ago, it was really important to me to make something functional. I always loved painting and drawing but wanted to put my art on products that could be integrated into everyday life. I started my business because I wanted to do something that made me happy, and that desire became the ethos that I wanted to pass on to my customers through my work.

Where's that subtle accent of yours from?

I’m originally from Mississippi--born and raised! I moved to Reno about 6 years ago with my husband, and I love it here. My accent comes and goes, depending on who I am talking to or how relaxed I am (cocktails usually bring it out, too)!

How do you choose which of your original prints to turn into the items in your shop?

It’s a constantly evolving process! However, it usually starts with lots of sketches and little paintings that I will create in several creative bursts. I usually find myself drawn to one or two motifs and end up structuring each collection around those--trying to coordinate colors and patterns that make sense.


What are the best and worst parts about what you do?

The best part is being able to work on creative projects that I love! I used to daydream about being my own boss and having a career as an artist when I was still working a desk job for someone else. It felt so impossible at the time, so every day I am so thankful that I get to do what I want. It really blows my mind sometimes!
The worst part is the uncertainty that comes with being an entrepreneur. When things are going well, it’s the highest high. But when things are slow, it feels awful. It’s very personal work, so when things are tough and I am looking for moral support, it’s sometimes hard for others who aren’t business owners to understand why I would stick it out in those tough times. But I am obsessed! :)

And just for kicks...what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Ha! Gosh, it changes all the time--I like variety. Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with plain chocolate ice cream after having Icecycle Creamery’s Deep Chocolate. OMG.

Well, there you have it folks! Now that you know Casey, don't pass up an opportunity (or 4!) to kick it with her and me and take an original, functional work of art home while you're at it!