100 Things To Do In Reno Before You Die

There are SO many great things to do in Reno, so imagine my surprise when a total stranger mentions hitting up The Nest as one of Reno's must-stop-spots! So flattered!

In typical 'let's do this in real life' Tessa collab fashion, I thought it obvious that we bring author Mikalee Byerman into the shop for a book signing. So, that's what we're doing:

This Saturday, August 12th from 1-3pm

Mikalee will be in the shop slinging and signing her book and challenging all of us to start knocking things off of our Reno bucket lists! As if that wasn't enough incentive, we will also be offering...

10% off your entire purchase if you pick up a copy of the book!

Annnnnd, to top it all off, here's a chance to win a signed copy of the book, a $35 Nest gift certificate and a $35 Picasso & Wine gift certificate!