Rawbry Grand Opening + The Streets Iz Watching

The week before last was nothing short of a miracle: I got out on the town not once but twice! Since the little man was born, I feel like I've missed out on a lot on great Reno events, so I was ecstatic to make it out to the Rawbry Grand Opening and Joe C. Rock's "The Streets Iz Watching" art show at Sierra Arts--two events that reminded me that our very own burgeoning city houses some amazing talents on par with those of the big cities.

The Basement Reno

Have y'all been to The Basement yet? The old downtown post office building is a beauty for sure, but its basement was a dark, dingy space bordering on creepy. It takes someone with a lot of vision to turn a place like that into a hip new multi-purpose space. Cue Brianna Bullentini who took on the project and transformed it so that you feel catapulted 3,000 miles away into an underground New York hot spot.

I haven't gotten to peruse all of the retail down there yet while they were open, but I always love me some Kalifornia Jean Bar! Christy is a girlboss with impeccable taste! I was also swooning over The Pantry Vault and their handmade skin and body care products and was happy put a face to an Instagram follower's name! (Hi Michelle!)

Brie's personal pet project inside The Basement is Rawbry, a cold-pressed juice bar hang with delicious juices, smoothies, kombuchas and more. Her grand opening was on point with a fashion show by Strange Bikinis and an impressive food and drink spread. I spy Nest finds...

It was great catching up with these crazy kids too...

Reno's Finest

As luck would have it, I got to reconnect with Joe C. Rock who was so very gracious to let me see his art show at Sierra Arts after hours. I'd been wanting to see it but had been having trouble finding the time outside of work and watching the little man.

His installation brought urban art into a gallery setting using mostly graffiti on found materials, creating a gritty street environment inside a white-walled art gallery. I was so impressed with the way it made me forget I was inside an art gallery and not out on a darkly lit street waiting for someone with a can of spray paint to walk by and add their mark onto the colorful walls.

Joe is a wildly talented and creative individual with an even kinder soul and a humility and groundedness not frequently seen on someone so skilled. I highly encourage you all to keep an eye out for his next project--whatever that might be--not only to witness his incredible art and see where his inspiration takes him next, but also to support an artist and person who truly deserves all of the accolades he is given.

Joe C. Rock "The Streets Iz Watching"

So, what are you waiting for? Get out and go see all the fantastic new places and events the BLC has to offer!