The Reno Social Podcast Features Me!

I was on my first podcast, y’all! I was honored to be invited on to The Reno Social Podcast by Sommer and Sam to talk about how I got started, how I try to balance being a business owner and a mom and more.

Tessa Dee Miller of The Nest on The Reno Social Podcast

A little BTS here… Sommer’s house is adorable! We were set up on the dining room table, and if it weren’t for the microphones and laptops, it wouldn’t have been any different than just chatting away with some good friends. These gals are super smart, spunky and obviously have good taste in guests. ;)

Check out this episode on Apple Podcasts or on SoundCloud and then subscribe to their podcast to get to know some pretty amazing business owners and people in our area!

Are you a regular podcast listener? What are some of your favorite podcasts? My all-time favorite: Invisibilia.