My Dad Is Rad

My Dad and me at The Nest Vintage Store

My dad doesn’t really like getting his picture taken, but you should know that he is rad. Did you know that he put his retirement into getting me started at my first business, Budget Used Furniture, and then into buying the building that you now know as The Nest? Now, I’m no trust-funder, let’s get that straight right now. My dad worked as a craps dealer for 35 years and risked A LOT in putting his financial safety net behind a 22 year old with no business experience whatsoever. If that’s not love and believing in someone wholeheartedly, then I don’t know what is. And me? That was A LOT of pressure, so I worked my butt off to pay him back.

Anyone remember when The Nest looked like this before I rolled up my sleeves and went to town?

Anyone remember when The Nest looked like this before I rolled up my sleeves and went to town?

When I graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Spanish and Philosophy (useful, eh?), I came back home but didn’t know what career I wanted to pursue. I knew I needed to give my brain a rest though, so I started working at Harrah’s doing valet. Welp, it didn’t take long before I was begging to use my brain again (although I was in really good shape!), and my dad suggested that I look into owning my own business. At first, I thought he was crazy since I had just turned 22 and had no business experience whatsoever. But after working in a casino for so long and dealing with bosses and corporations who don’t care about their employees whatsoever, I could see where he was coming from.

We went through the Big Nickel together (am I dating myself here?) and circled a few businesses to go look at. The first was a used furniture store. Now, normally I’m a pretty risk averse person, but for whatever reason, two weeks later I owned that business. It was kind of a whirlwind, and honestly I can’t really remember what in the heck I was thinking, but I did it, and now I sure am glad! My dad spotted me the money to buy the business, and I paid him back after a few years. Then through a crazy turn of events including a divorce, the death of my mom, the birth of my son and even trying to sell Budget Used Furniture to a guy who ended up being wanted for so many counts of fraud that when the money for the sale never came through, I had to call the cops and they ended up arresting him after a car chase that closed a local middle school down for a couple hours (yes, that really happened!). Through all of that, I somehow ended up here at this thriving vintage store, The Nest, on Keystone, and I am so grateful. And my dad began the whole saga with a simple, “You should think about owning your own business” then a not-so-simple financing of a business to a naive (but driven!) twenty-something.

And if that weren’t enough, he watches my son at least two days a week, so I can get into the shop and make it cozy for all of you lovely people. They are best buds, and I’m honestly not sure what they would do without each other.

So, Dad, you’re the best, and I owe all of my success to your believing in me.

Your turn for a Dad Brag. Tell me about your dad and how he has been important in your life. Then bring him on into the shop for 20% off store-wide on Father’s Day!