Before & After: Blue Velvet + Floral Sofa

Newly Reupholstered Blue Velvet + Floral Vintage Sofa

The newest gem in our newly reupholstered collection.

I absolutely adore this sofa. I knew its potential from the moment I laid my eyes on it (‘before’ photo at the end of this post). It was drab, yes, and definitely showing its age and wear in the fabric, but that has never deterred me! I love reupholstery projects because you can completely change a piece with a little vision. Plus, the frame was in great shape, and it was surprisingly comfortable!

Don’t get me wrong. I love to maintain a piece’s original character when possible, but if the previous owner had cats or the fabric was ripped beyond repair, then I have no qualms about giving it a facelift with all new fabric and foam in a show-stopping combination of color and print!

Newly Reupholstered Blue Velvet + Floral Vintage Sofa Back

After this delightful sofa was finished, I spied this Architectural Digest article on 2019 Design Trends and realized that I hit the mark on a lot of their bullet points with this one. It’s custom, it features bold colors and patterns and there is a vibrant mix of design periods.

Here’s the ‘before.’

Would you have passed this beauty by?


If you have a vision for a drab piece of your own, send a photo to to get a reupholstery quote. But first check this blog post for some helpful advice!

Alternatively, you can swing by the shop to pick out a piece that I’ve already chosen that’s just dying for an upgrade. I only select high quality, well-made items to be reupholstered so you can be sure that it’s a good investment.