Behind The Scenes: Western Shoot with Lauren Weissler

The Reno Rodeo is just around the corner. Pair that with my photographer friend Lauren Weissler's obsession with Westworld (which I still have not seen!), and it was inevitable that we would put together a western style shoot in her whirlwind two day visit last week.

You may remember seeing Lauren's work in our Summer 2016 Lookbook...

Me ,  Mandy Corbett  and Chester. Photo by  Lauren Weissler.

Me, Mandy Corbett and Chester. Photo by Lauren Weissler.

I don't know if you have experienced the serendipitous nature of The Nest (or maybe it's just me), but there always seems to be a chance encounter that leads to something magical. This shoot is no exception.

Lauren Weissler

First, we have to go back to how I met Lauren. At that time she was a photographer for MTV and VH1 in New York. She was visiting a friend in Truckee and stumbled upon my shop because her love of vintage runs as deep as mine. She asked me to shoot with her out of the blue, but she was flying out the next day. Coincidentally, I was set to be in NYC the following week, so we exchanged numbers, and the rest is history so they say. She has been making yearly visits every since!

Anyhow, this year her trip ended up being just two days instead of the usual 3-5, so we had our work cut out for us. But just like my favorite shoots, they all magically come together at the very last moment.

Kirsten Poulsen

Kirsten Poulsen, who you may also recognize from the Summer 2016 Lookbook with her dreamy blue peepers, hit me up the day before the shoot and said we should shoot again sometime. How about tomorrow? Done. The theme is western. Great, I have a cowboy boyfriend I can bring along. Perfect.

Things don't even turn out this well when you plan them well in advance!

Turns out her man, Rob Leines, is also a killer singer/songwriter/musician and just all around down to earth good guy. And he happens to have an album coming out next week. See him in action here.

We rounded out our modeling crew with the ever-versatile and always adorable Filthy Animal Laura Cooper who hooked us up with videographer Eddie Vigil V who I had never met before but was so glad to find someone with his caliber of skills to bring our stills to life last minute!

Mandy Corbett from ME Beauty came in to make beautiful people even more beautiful, and we were ready to go!

Now, where to shoot? I pondered this as I was dropping my son off at his babysitter. I pull in the driveway, look to my left and remember that our wonderful babysitter Cindy has a beautiful property WITH HORSES. She was so kind to let us use her property and play with her horses Dallas and Jetta.

Now it's all coming together. I'm starting to get excited, which I haven't felt about a styled shoot in a while because honestly, I'm getting so over how many styled shoots I'm seeing on Instagram. Yes, they're beautiful but they're EVERYWHERE. When I came out with my first lookbook in 2011, Instagram hadn't become the thing yet and no one was doing styled shoots except for the big guns. [I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back for being a trendsetter here. ;)]

Will this shoot be white noise amongst a neverending feed of styled shoots? I'll let you decide. All I know is that I had fun! And I got a chance to hang out some old friends and meet some new ones. Not bad for a day at the office, eh?

I can't wait to get these photos back. I think they have the potential to be our next lookbooklet. I'll keep ya posted. ;)