Who Is Tom Stewart?

This is my friend Tom.

Why should you know him, you ask?

Well aside from being the owner of Truckee Meadow Herbs for the past 35 years and just an all-around stand up guy, Tom is running for Nevada State Assembly District 24.

Now I'm not typically drawn to politics (shhh, don't tell my government teacher husband...), but as of late, I can absolutely appreciate the importance of having a better understanding of our government on both the federal and state levels and, most importantly, knowing and having a relationship with our elected officials.

What better way to do that than to meet the candidates themselves? Don't just take my word for it. Learn a bit about Tom below and then join us at The Nest on Tuesday, April 24th at 6pm for a casual meet and greet. We will have light appetizers, drinks and most importantly an opportunity to truly get to know someone who just might be making decisions that will affect our daily lives in the coming years.

Hey Tom! Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I was born in Rochester, New York. After our dad died of leukemia at a young age my mom brought up me and three brothers, ages 2 to 9, by herself. She then moved us to Reno in 1975 to get married. I worked odd jobs until I opened my own health supplement retail shop on Wells avenue in 1982 and continue to operate it today. I have lived and worked in district 24 for 37 years. I know the people who live in it and what concerns them. 

What made you decide to run for office? 

I just can't sit home and watch the news any more. It only makes me angry. I have to do something. I'm proud of the positive direction Nevada is headed, and I want to be part of that movement. I was recruited to run for this position by City councilwoman Jenny Brekhus, former Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa, former assembly/senator Sheila Leslie and County Commissioner Kitty Jung. 

For all of us that didn't pay attention in government class, what exactly does an Assembly person do and how does your job affect our daily lives?

The Nevada Assembly is like the house of representatives in the US congress only at the state level. The Assembly works with the State Senate (together they are called the State Legislature) and the governor to enact state laws. In addition, it also creates the machinery for carrying out those enactments by establishing departments, boards, commissions, and bureaus. Generally, the Legislature is empowered to enact the laws of the state; levy taxes on individuals, businesses, property, and sales; appropriate the funds collected for the support of public institutions and the administration of state government; propose amendments to the constitutions of the U.S. and Nevada; and consider legislation proposed by initiative petitions.

My vote/decision can affect people's lives in many areas of daily life depending on the bills the assembly is working on. It can affect health care, education, taxes, business etc.

What are the issues that are near and dear to your heart that you will be dealing with in this position?

As a small local retail shop owner for 35 years I have a special understanding of the struggle and hard work of independent start-up businesses. I believe the same incentives and tax breaks given to large out-of-town companies should also be given to local businesses.  

Health is also an important concern. I believe in a civilized society we take care of our sick and elderly. I support universal health care. I'd also love to work on updating our election rules to include more people, make it easier to vote and make sure all votes count. The deep divisions in our government concerns me, and I will work to build a working relationship with all parties.

Amen! Especially on that health care part. As most people know, I'm not a big fan of our healthcare system and would love to see someone making decisions for us that has a more open-minded and well-rounded background of more natural remedies. If anyone has any questions, how can they get a hold of you? 

I am always available for anyone who wants to contact me with any questions!




(775) 544-0488

Look, and there you have it. The personal telephone number of a potential Nevada Assemblyman so your voice can be heard on issues that are important to you. You're welcome. See you on Tuesday!