Getting Dirty on Valentine's Day Terrarium Class Recap

All too often, Valentine's Day is either a cheeseball, Hallmark holiday riddled with too much expectation OR a seemingly random day on the calendar that curls us up on the couch in pajamas crying into our half gallon of ice cream as we watch The Notebook.

But, yeah, that's not how we do. We roll up our sleeves and get dirty.

Here's some snaps to show you some of the insanely creative living works of art that were made by family, friends--new and old--couples and singles.

Photos by Joanna Daily of Daily Blessings Photography


Wanted to make it, but it just wasn't in the cards this year? No worries! I got plants from a new company this year, and the minimum quantity to order was much higher than in past years, so we have a lot of leftover plants just waiting to come home with you. I'll have a DIY Terrarium station set up in the front of the shop until they're gone so you can come in and make one...or your leisure!