Reflections Of Now

Blaire Zika "Reflections of Now"

My heart is so full.

You know that place where you wonder if anything you are doing is worth it? Where you wonder why everything feels like so much work but without any payoff? That's the place I've been living recently.

But tonight. Tonight I went to my dear friend Blaire Zika's "Reflections of Now" art opening at another dear friend's gallery, Rose Root-Hudson's Boho Gypsy's Treasures. I hadn't even gotten out of my car before Rose came up to me and in her endearingly sarcastic way pointed at me like I was in trouble but then exclaimed, "This is all because of you."

You may remember that last May I did a series of WeTalks. What started out as a platform to let people talk freely about gender based issues metamorphosed into this beautiful gathering of humans who connected on a raw, real soul level. It was spectacular. Of the many who joined, Blaire stood out most. She had gone through a terrible tragedy that none of us could even fathom. At the first meeting, she told us that she had literally turned around and talked herself out of coming before mustering the courage to come back and be around other people for the first time since the loss of her husband. Her strength and vulnerability blew us all away.

After that, I received an eloquently worded message from her basically saying that the WeTalks had helped in her healing process tremendously. I was in tears while reading it.  Through these Wednesday meetings, Blaire and Rose met and then the rest is history.

I'm not one to seek out accolades, so it was incredible walking into a packed house at Boho Gypsy's Treasures, seeing Blaire's show almost selling out on opening night and to be recognized as the catalyst. And, damn it felt good. Having people tell you that you changed their lives is quite probably the best feeling in the world.

Blaire Zika's Reflections of Now

So, with that folks, I guess I'm just going to keep on keeping on. And trusting that even if I don't see immediate visible manifestations, I'm still making a difference. But man, when it does culminate like this, the high couldn't be any higher! So much love for these two beautiful souls. I couldn't be prouder of you both. <3

Blaire Zika's "Reflections of Now"
The vulnerability that accompanies sharing my art with an unknown audience is the result of the unavoidable realization that I must also share the story behind the art. Be that as it may, if just one human, lost in their own grief, can see that a fellow lost soul has found purpose and is healing, then that alone is reason enough for me to release myself and my story into the universe.
— Blaire Zika

P.S. WeTalks will resume again this coming Wednesday but with a slightly different format. Feel free to join us as we explore some of the same themes but through the written word at our Handwritten Letter Gathering.

P.P.S. Blaire's show will be up until the end of the month, but if you think you may want to purchase one of her beautiful pieces of artwork, you better get down there...yesterday. And, if she's all sold out, there will still be plenty of Rose's beautiful handmade jewelry that you can take home with you.