Burning Man: Is the art worth the dust?

I'm always so ambivalent about Burning Man.

I've never been. (I know, gasp!) I've always wanted to see the art, but I feel torn. The stories of sex and drugs and dust in places that dust shouldn't be don't appeal to me.

But the ART!!!

I'm always amazed by the photos I see of the out-of-this-world art like this sculpture, "Love" by Alexandr Milov! When I saw it in photos, it almost brought me to tears.

But so far, the art hasn't been enough of a draw to counter the images of people returning from Burning Man looking so haggard. And the thought of cleaning that super fine playa dust out of everything?! Mmmm no thanks.

It's also hard for me to get down with the conforming to non-conformity part that I see when people come into the shop. "Do you have any pink faux fur fill-in-the blank?" This is your once a year chance to wear whatever the heck you want! Don't you want something more unique?!

BUT, all that being said...

I want to be convinced!

I've heard stories of how life-changing it can be, but I need to get over all of these other preconceived notions before I can see myself pulling the trigger on going one day. 

Tell me about some of your experiences out at Burning Man. The good, the bad and the dusty. I want to hear it all. Help me tip the scales!