WeTalk Wednesday Wrap Up

Co-hosts of our WeTalk Wednesday series: Gregory Belle Jr. and me

Co-hosts of our WeTalk Wednesday series: Gregory Belle Jr. and me

I wasn't sure how much interest we would have in a safe space forum regarding gender issues. I was scared that men would see it as "walking into the lion's den," and women wouldn't feel comfortable being really honest in such a vulnerable setting. Fortunately, we saw absolutely zero of that. In fact, I think we were all blown away by the level of vulnerability and raw honesty we were able to share with practical strangers.

We came to talk about closing the gap in the gender divide, but the most beautiful part of both evenings was the collective realization that


We all have hard things we go through and hiding or comparing them is what brings us most strife in life. The TEDTalk below is one of my favorites because it addresses this so well.

The first night was best summed up in this message I got from one of our WeTalk participants that literally brought me to tears.

What a transformational evening. What I learned from last night is that everyone has something they are struggling to navigate through. Depression, heartache, troubles at work, concerns with loved ones, and so many other areas that life challenges us with. The profound moment for me was the realization that I am in fact not alone. None of us are...so long as we engage. I cannot describe the joy that has been fueling me today. I thought my “joy tank” was empty...but in fact it just needed to be topped off. My deepest gratitude towards you and your incredibly compassionate heart. To offer such a special space for us to engage is a true gift.
— Blaire Zika, WeTalk participant

We will be having 2 more WeTalk Wednesdays (see our calendar) and hope you will join in on the discussion. Last week we were so fortunate to have a delicious Indian meal prepared by Shayden Ward, and the previous week we got to listen to songs by the amazingly talented singer/songwriters Joel Ackerson of The Novelists and John White. More soul treats in store for you in the coming weeks...