Camp Out Yonder

Photo by Matthew McIver

A magical weekend in the woods, yes. But it was also so much more than that.

I've realized that my need for real human connection has been manifesting lately into lots of time with intimate groups of like-minded people. My series of WeTalks has been absolutely mind-blowing in that it has shown me how apparent it is that we are all starved for true, vulnerable face-to-face connections.


Camp Out Yonder is a mindful, tech-free campout for adults, but in one quick, catchy little tagline, it's hard to portray the breadth of all that this weekend was. A breath of fresh air. A release from the burden of social media pressures whether business or personal. A forgotten perspective. A chance to slow down, grow and reconnect with nature and my fellow human beings.

In a nutshell, Camp Out Yonder is a reminder of the way we were meant to live.

Camp Out Yonder

Not only did it put things back in perspective with our philosophical and honest fireside chats and our oft-neglected appreciation of nature, but it was also very well thought out and perfectly executed. I have known Nellie Davis, founder of COY, for many years as she nabbed many pieces of furniture and art from me for Outsiders Hair Studio hailing back to my Budget Used Furniture days. I've been lucky enough to see her grow as we both navigated the trials and tribulations of evolving as young, female entrepreneurs. Her attention to detail took a brilliant concept and elevated it into a truly memorable experience. 

Our decked out tipis came with individual striped Mexican blankets to carry around like we did as kids, personalized welcome/goodie packets, vintage picnic baskets equipped with flashlights (no cell phones allowed, remember?), star charts and more. I personally spent a lot of time in the reading nook that consisted of a thoughtfully curated set of mindful books, comfy pillows, an essential oil station and a blank community canvas to paint on. The food was delicious, the alcohol was never-ending and the juices from The Mill Juice Shop were fantastic as always. Y'all know I love my Pantry Products, and there was no shortage of lovely smelling bug spray, soaps, sunscreen and more.

And the activities. Oh, the activities. I never felt rushed, but I felt like we did A LOT. From an intimate fireside acoustic set with Leify Green to a deeply introspective journaling workshop with Jonas Ellison.

Journaling Workshop with Jonas Ellson

A sunny nature photo hike to a magical pond led by Matthew McIver with only an old school disposable camera in hand to an enlightening discussion about meditation with author Lodro Rinzler.

Lodro Rinzler

And a spiritual yoga class by Loretta Eizaguerre complete with a cameo by a herd of deer. So much magic in one weekend.

Yoga with Loretta

Oh yeah, and the Alpine Tower! How could I forget the 4 story climbing obstacle course!

Alpine Tower

I didn't want to leave. In fact, I ended up staying an hour or so later to just take one last breath of it all in. I had a beautiful conversation with Nellie where we both got teary-eyed. We so needed this. On so many levels.

There's another one in August that I'm hoping to get to. If you need to be refreshed and rejuvenated (who doesn't, let's be honest!), I can't sing the praises of Camp Out Yonder enough.