Simple, Neutral and Earthy: The Nest Spring Redecorating Take 2

This winter has been incredible.  Countless storms pounding the region have left us with frequent road closures, school delays, lots of time to wear sweaters and epic skiing conditions.  It has been a winter for the books and I will waste no words complaining about it.  Spring, though, is putting up a fight and is sometimes a punch ahead, and at other times just struggling to stand.  We see it in the fullness of our streams, lakes and rivers, in our darkening farmers’ tans and in our flower beds.  Those precious little green buds poking their heads out just to catch a little bit of that warmth.

This melting into Spring is an amazing time.  A time for renewal, a time for refreshing.  There is something instinctive in the change of seasons that invigorates us and inspires us into something fresh and new.  No wonder almost every year we participate in ‘Spring Cleaning’ of some sort. Always time for a good healthy dose of redecorating!  Here at The Nest, we are styling a few rooms to give you an idea of just how versatile these textiles, art and furniture pieces can be.  Of course, just in time for your Spring cleaning sesh!  Hop on over and pick up some quirky vintage items to give your interior the fresh boost it needs.

Closets need a re-do, also.  Box up those sweaters and boots and come in for some gun-bearing duds for the dudes and flitty sundresses for the ladies.  Hats, scarves, sunglasses galore.  Shine on, Sun.  We welcome you with open arms.

This living room re-do channels your inner ranch loving, desert wandering soul...with a nod to a neutral palette and modern simplicity.  Many of these items will be featured in our web store next week, so be sure to check back!