Positivity Interlude: Sometimes we just need flowers and chocolate

Regardless of how our emotions, our soul issues, our daily challenges seem to make time stand still, life still emerges and continues to push into the future.  Deadlines still need to be met, jobs still need to be done and the continuing daily lives of our families need to be attended to.  And regardless of all that, sometimes we just need to come home to flowers and chocolates hanging on our doorknobs.

So, in the middle of Head Shave Part I (the actual shave) and Head Shave Part II (the reveal and follow up of the actual shave) we thought it necessary for a short blog interlude to let you know what’s ahead for The Nest.  

The Nest is dedicating the entire month of May to mothering and women.  Throughout the month, we will be hosting seminars and events to talk openly about issues regarding women, postpartum depression, gender stereotypes, healing, and a plethora of others.  With an emphasis on positivity, open dialogue, education and encouragement, we hope this month will be eye opening and shed a little bit of light in an area that often feels so dark.  Stay tuned for a detailed calendar of events. 

To kick it all off with a little Spring time frivolity and the goal of spreading positive vibes in our community, we are hosting a May Day basket making event in collaboration with Camryn Lane Florals.  Don’t know what May Day is?  Check out THIS LINK to our Calendar and Event Page to find out more about this centuries old tradition and make sure you stop by The Nest on Sunday, April 30th 12pm-2pm to make your baskets!!!! And maybe, just maybe, leaving flowers and chocolates on someone's door will encourage them to return the favor!!