More Than What We Bargained For

Because I truly believe you haven’t heard enough about this ‘magical’ collaboration shoot between The Nest Reno + Bespoke Truckee.  Dark chocolate, whiskey, vintage clothes and locally made wares all wrapped up in the filtered light and history of a century old barn.  Geez.  We all probably could have moved in.  

When local businesses collaborate, something more than just business happens.  There is strength in that bond and the mingling of hand-worked products and die hard passion   infuses everyone with creativity and drive.

These are the things you don’t plan for.  

And when you tell the people you’re photographing that you literally have thirty seconds of light left and we need to shoot ‘now’ and they’re frantically trying to get something together and get the items set up to get the model in the right spot and, well, there it goes.  Behind the mountain.  That small window, that quick moment is gone.  And they maybe say a swear word or two and they frown a bit and you lower your camera. 

And we didn’t get what we wanted.  

We got so much more.  

We got a new moment.  An incredible one.  We got a woman, mother of two, business owner, farm raiser, homesteader, artist lover of all things authentic and natural and handmade in all her ‘I don’t photograph well’ insecurity doing something she loves in total contentment and freedom.  And that is beauty.  And it sweeps us away.

We can all say we’re grateful for the husbands, dads, boyfriends grandmas, grandpas, friends who hold down the fort while we’re out being free and leaning more into our humanity and character and womanhood.  We’re better for it and so, possibly, is the world around us.