Decorating Nest-style: Make your home a NEST

What better way to spend a snowy Spring day?!  (Yes, I meant to write Truckee it snows in Spring and even Summer).  Redecorating Nest-style of course!  Our upstairs guest room is in the process of a remodel (thus you should disregard the painted blue border that is awaiting floor molding to cover it up and the other odds and ends that don't seem to quite match up).  In the midst of the remodel it is still being stayed in and needed some unique decor to liven it up a bit.  I'm a huge fan of 'a little goes a long way' in regards to color and also a huge fan of mixing up styles from different eras to make something 100% your own.  In this re-do I took a few things I already owned and mixed them with a few things from The Nest that I thought added a lot of character.  A wall that was previously blank took on a whole new feel once I put up some antique looking frames, some vintage photographs from of my grandparents and mixed it all with a mid-century chair.  The sky's the limit with art and decor. Be brave and go for it!  It's fun to stay in a place where the items have a story and a sense of humor!  Conversation starters for sure!!!