Meet Ali Denney

Do you love the Fall and Winter Lookbooklets and all of the fun professional photos on my social media feeds lately? Well, that is all thanks to Ali Denney! She is not only a phenomenal photographer but also a kindred spirit and great friend with an enormous heart. If you haven't noticed, we have been collabing a lot lately because it is so refreshing to find another creative spirit who is on the same wavelength of trying to inspire positivity and open eyes to the hidden beauty that is all around us. Ali will be doing some guest blog posts here because we have all of these great photos and profound musings to share, and my 9 year old laptop and busybody 1.5 year old son make it hard for me to get this content out to you consistently. Give Ali a virtual high five for being an awesome collaborative partner and helping a sister out!

Now, I'm going to turn the floor over to her so you can get to know more about this amazing artist who I am also lucky to call my friend!

Ali: I’m more than honored and totally stoked to offer my ever so random tidbits of eye candy (photographs, friends, not my own mug) and sometimes some thoughtful nuggets to ponder to the already witty and fabulous workings at The Nest.  I can assure you that behind whatever is posted by myself or the incredible woman-boss-lady-owner of this establishment is a passion for beauty, authenticity, integrity, nature and good ol’ fashioned hard work.  Looking forward to a collaboration of craft and creativity to inspire you to redecorate, reinvent and reinvest in your home, closet and community.

A little more about me.  I am a freelance documentary photographer. I spend time shooting for non-profits and NGO's and am incredibly passionate about the humanitarian work being done around the globe. I am inspired by stories of daily life and the struggles and triumphs existing in every situation. My freelance work exists to raise awareness of underground issues and enliven the heart by the beauty of visual experience.  My personal work is a demonstration of my inability to define my style.  The world in and of itself is inspiring…and I am all over the map.  Every season of my life opens my eyes to a newfound infatuation.  I will photograph almost anything if it catches my eye.  Whether in the mundane and ordinary or the once in a lifetime, moments grab me.   A photo should tell a story,  inspire a smile, a thought, a heartache, an action.  I can only hope that in your experience of my photographs, you experience something of what I saw in that moment.  If you lose yourself in my work, then I have succeeded.  If you find yourself, then I have been paid in full.

And even more (I realize you haven't had enough, yet)...I graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2002 and pursued education in photography for 3 years following graduation.  In 2010, after nearly 10 years working as a teacher and photographing countless projects as a volunteer, I surged into photography full time.  Working alongside non-profits, I have documented orphanage life, food distribution, sustainability projects, medical issues, malnutrition and many other pressing needs associated with poverty in Uganda, Haiti, Guatemala and Mexico.

After 10 years of living in the urban core of San Diego, my family and I made a recent move to spend time in the Sierras, calling a mountain cabin near Donner Lake, CA 'home' for the time being.  I reap the blessing of mothering 3 amazing human beings and have the privilege of being the wife to a hardworking and compassionate husband.  Life is full and abundant!'


Well friends, that's Ali. I know you will love her as much as I do. Keep checking back for some ambitious collaborations that we have in the works!