What if it was mold all along?

I know Halloween is over now, but here's something scary that you may not know much about...

Mold is bad

So, if you've seen my Instagram stories or we've talked in the last couple weeks, you may have heard about the whirlwind it has been for me lately.

If not, here's a quick synopsis and some words of warning...

We found a leak in my house. No big deal, right? Wrong. I came home one day and my husband said that he had called out some guys to take a look at a leak in our bathroom. The next day, I didn't have a bathroom. Seriously. Everything was stripped away down to the subfloor. Turns out there was a leak in the shower and unbeknownst to us it had seeped into the flooring and walls. And there was mold. Seems like no big deal right? Wrong again. At least, if it's not taken care of properly.

Bathroom torn apart

A mold remediation company came and pulled everything out but did not seal off the area to contain the mold and then proceeded to put fans on it which basically blew mold spores throughout my entire house. They just dumped the moldy vanity in the middle of my bedroom and said that they wouldn't bring it outside. At this point, my husband and I didn't know how unsafe this was for us. We figured since they were professionals, they knew what they were doing and would never put our little family in harm's way. Wrong yet again.

That night, as I was trying to fall asleep, my eyes began itching a lot, and I was having a little difficulty breathing. It felt as though there was a weight on my chest. Once I'm in bed, it takes a lot to get me out, but my intuition was telling me to get out of there ASAP. I slept in my son's room which pretty much always means no sleep. The next day we called a mold analyst who couldn't make it in for a couple of days. Meanwhile, we were still hanging out in our house; I was just sleeping downstairs and avoiding my room like the plague. But I noticed my hair was starting to fall out again. In handfuls again. After a summer of excitedly watching my hair fill back in after shaving my head, it was so frustrating to watch it begin to fall out all over again.

Long story short, the mold results came in as having high levels of mold throughout our house. A second mold remediation company was called in and said that the guy who worked on our job had worked for them at one time and had been fired by pretty much every other company in town. Stories of his negligence were many; in fact, on his last job with this company, he set someone's crawl space on fire. They said he and his crew should've sealed off the area and because they didn't, mold spores were now on pretty much every surface of my entire house.

I don't know if you can really fathom the gravity of that. Every single surface of my house from floor to ceiling needs to be thoroughly cleaned, and any porous surface must be washed. What if you had to wash everything in your house that was fabric? Blankets, clothes, pillows, upholstery, carpet. Do you know how many clothes I have?!?! We're talking around $20,000 worth of cleaning.

round one of clothes washing

round one of clothes washing

As awful as this has been (we haven't been able to stay in our house for almost three weeks now and we no longer have a bathroom or a bedroom wall), I have to believe there is a silver lining. Since my hair has started to fall out again, maybe this was the culprit all along?

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that all of this gets resolved quickly, and here is my Public Service Announcement to you:

Mold is no joke.

Regularly inspect your house for leaks and have them checked out and repaired right away. The longer they sit, the more damage they cause.

If a mold remediation company is called in, please for the love of god, make sure that they section off the area with plastic so mold spores aren't spread throughout the house. I am so serious on this one. If this ever happened to me again, I would straight kick them out of my house before I let them do any work whatsoever without sectioning off the area with plastic.

Mold affects everyone differently, and I just so happen to be hypersensitive to it. The thing is, you never know how you'll react to it until you're exposed, and well, do you really want to get sick to find out if you're an unlucky, hypersensitive soul like me?

So, now you know about mold and to be careful with it. The one thing I ask you now is to send good vibes that this will all be remedied correctly and soon so my health can get back on track. And please be patient with me as I am behind on pickups and general store duties because I have been sick, short on sleep and wearing the same three outfits for the last three weeks...

Annnnd...because I need something to look forward to, stay tuned for a bathroom remodel!

What's your favorite tile?

What's your favorite tile?