West Elm Opens in Downtown Reno

Photo: Nicole Sutliff

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening party of West Elm in the downtown's historic post office last night. Let me just tell you. It was awesome. 

I'm not typically a fan of national chain retailers, but they've got a good clean mid century aesthetic that I can totally dig. More importantly, I'm impressed with West Elm's dedication so far to highlighting local artists and businesses. You know how much I love Casey Sibley and her super fun fabric buckets and clutches, right? Well, they carry her stuff as well as items from my other fave Pantry Products and more!

I was also introduced to their friendly PR Director, Nicole, who said they would love to network to be able to send people to The Nest and other local businesses if they don't have what their customers are looking for. Now that is the attitude that makes a city great. There's enough to go around, and we can only benefit by raising each other up!

Photo: Anna Critchley

I also loved how the store was incorporated into the historic building by highlighting existing architecture in the original construction. The post office always seemed to be a dingy place that didn't take advantage of the amazing and painstaking details that make the building unique. Opening up the roof floods the space with light that lets you really see the beauty of this space.

Photo: @nicolesutliff on Instagram

And lastly, they know how to put on a great party! Fabulous drinks, appetizers and company! With a babe in one arm and one of Rawbry's delicious cocktails in the other hand, I didn't get any photos, so if you haven't seen it in person yet, go there or check out RGJ's photo gallery.

Many props to Brianna Bullentini, the Carters and everyone who had a hand in preserving and updating this space while bringing life to a forgotten building!