Valentine's Day Terrarium Class 2016 + Future Classes

So much love and thanks to everyone who came and participated in our SOLD OUT class! I had so much fun and am glad that y'all did too!

If you weren't able to make it or you came but want to build more terrariums, I have some plants and supplies left over. Since I didn't get to put together a terrarium at the class, I think I might have to have a little fun of my own. If you'd like to stop by tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday 2/24 or perhaps on Friday 2/26 if supplies last), let's get dirty together! $3 per plant. Containers from $3-$19. Dirt and tchotchkes on the house. 


This was the first year I took this class on myself, and boy, was it a lot of work. A month of preparation still didn't afford me any time during the class itself to get any photos. Womp, womp. So bummed! Especially because I had this killer air plant display, darn it! Here is what it looks like now with just a few leftover plants. Imagine a full tillandsia tutu!

Air Plant Display

I am grateful, however, that some class participants sent over a few pics of their beloved terrariums. Peep these to get a taste of the overwhelming creativity and the mouthwatering desserts from Tournant Pop Up Restaurant that we saw in class. 

Due to the love this class received and the many requests that we do it again, I'm contemplating having another class this spring. Call me crazy to think about holding another one so soon, but it was such a blast! You down?

Dirt doesn't hurt, but it's still not your thing? The amazingly talented artist Casey Sibley and I are talking details on an abstract painting class over brunch! I'm so excited! Details to follow super soon.

Casey Sibley Abstract Art Class