How We Do Love Day

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Here at The Nest, we tend to do things a little differently than most places, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. We say skip the cut flowers that hopefully aren’t representative of your relationship—you know, the wilting and dying a week later part—and join us for our Fifth Annual “Getting Dirty On Valentine’s Day” Terrarium Class.

Valentine's Day Terrarium

With a little bit of love and nurturing, these terrariums can grow and last forever, and they’re super fun to make, which is hopefully more symbolic of your relationship! Plus, your +1 will be so impressed that you thought outside of the typical “flowers and a movie” box…or in this case, glass container.

Valentine's Day Terrarium Class Couple

Valentine’s Day more like Singles Awareness Day for you? Don’t fret: this shindig goes down family-style, so there’s no pressure to bring a date or stay glued to his/her side the whole time. Half of the class typically consists of groups of friends and coworkers, mothers and daughters, etc., while the other half is new couples and well-established ones alike. So, if you’re in that weird no-man’s-land place in your relationship where it’s too early to go on a serious Valentine’s date, OR you’ve been on so many dates that you need to shake things up a bit, this hands-on, down and dirty terrarium class is a great way to have fun and skip the awkwardness/repetition.

Valentine's Day Terrarium Class

This year we are blessed to have Tournant Pop Up Restaurant dishing out desserts and wine. Dark chocolate raspberry-filled cupcakes and a red velvet trifle? Don't mind if I do!

Please feel free to bring your own container or meaningful tchotchkes to add to your terrarium if you feel so inclined. Just know that you don't have to: everything is included! Still skeptical of your terrarium building skills, check our Pinterest board for inspiration!

Terrarium Tchotchkes

For more information, see the flyer below, stop in the shop, call or email!

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