A New Year. A New Blog.

Well, not by choice. More by circumstance. When we got our lovely new website, our entire blog was unfortunately lost. There is a way to recover it--but only in time-consuming bits and pieces.

Cry Baby

Maybe it was a sign to start fresh. I do have a new baby, a new house and a renewed sense of get 'er done when it comes to The Nest in this new year. So, the plan is to bring back past posts I really still feel a connection to in #tbt style as I feel they are relevant with what's happening NOW. 

So let's get back to what's happening in the present. I'm not much of a New Year's resolution gal, and I'm not particularly punctual either. (January 22nd for a New Year's blog post, anyone?) However, in the spirit of really doing this I'm going to outline my goals for this blog and the business here in the hopes that you all will hold me accountable for sticking to them. Deal?

#1: Blog

Be succinct. I am long-winded. People don't like to read anymore; they like pretty pictures, so keep it short and sweet.

Reading Baby

Real is the new perfect.  I don't know how many drafts I have that are waiting to be posted once I can get the perfect photo or graphic. It's a catch 22 since people like pretty pictures (see above), BUT I need to not be so hard on myself. There are only about 7 of you that read this anyway, and you are my friends so you will not judge me too harshly. Plus, one of my pet peeves is those DIY posts that you attempt to re-create, and they are NOT as easy as title and perfect photos suggest! 

Be Consistent. Sometimes I'll binge post and then not do anything for months. Once a week seems like a realistic goal. Ambitious goal: two times per week.

What You Can Expect To See. 

What's New In The Shop. It's impossible to document everything of course, but I'll show you what I can, and you'll just have to come in to see the rest.

Nest Inside

More DIY. Note to self: don't forget BEFORE pictures! 

Dresser Before and After

The Little Man. I was hesitant at first to put my kid out there because you never know if your kid is really that cute or you're just biased because he is yours, but y'all seem to love seeing his pictures and many beg for more, so I'll keep 'em coming--within moderation of course.

Owen at Christmas

Home Projects + Renovation. As long as we're talking about requests, I hear a lot of people wanting to know what my house looks like. So I'll entertain your voyeurism a bit if you promise to excuse the occasional mess.

Photo by Jocelyn Noel

Photo by Jocelyn Noel

Recipes. Ingredients. Pictures. Period. I hate having to scroll down and read someone's life story before getting to the good stuff. Plus, too many details leave little room for YOUR creativity.

Garden Harvest

#TheNestOutAndAbout. There are so many great local businesses to support and fun things to do in our region. Plus it gives me a reason to get out. Between a business, a baby and a new home, that's easier said than done! 

Cross Country Skiing Dog Valley

Whatever the heck else I want. Just like it says people. Don't fence me in.

Photo by Lauren Weissler

Photo by Lauren Weissler

#2: Workshops:

Stop Pinning. Start Doing.

Frequency. Quarterly starting with our famous Valentine's Day Terrarium Class! 

Valentine's Day Terrarium Class

Classes. Lamp building. Green + simple cleaning/bath/body products. Make your own chalkboard. Abstract art. Requests?

Photo by Jocelyn Noel

Photo by Jocelyn Noel

#3: Photo Shoots + Collaborations


Print. One big kahuna per year. Maybe a few flyers/postcards for events or just for fun.

Photo by Jocelyn Noel

Photo by Jocelyn Noel

Virtual. At least quarterly. Images for webstore, home page of website/social media

Photo by Jocelyn Noel

Collaborations. Other local small businesses, especially female-owned. Helping sisters out yo.

Photo by Jocelyn Noel

Photo by Jocelyn Noel


#4: Be Realistic.

These are great goals, but remember you have a little baby who is growing at an unbelievable rate. Don't miss out. People will still support your business even if your focus shifts for a bit. 

Owen and me

See you all in a week! (Hopefully.)