What you may find in The Nest

At the Nest we are suckers for vintage pieces because craftsmanship mattered back then. Furniture was made with solid wood and dove-tailed joints, not sawdust and glue. Clothes were made in the USA out of high quality fabric, not thrown together so quickly that the stitching comes out after two washes. Things were made to stand the test of time, not bound for a landfill when they mysteriously break a month after the warranty expires.

These will be the pieces that we can pass onto our children because long after we’ve thrown away our particle board dresser, the same thing made by Lane fifty years ago will still be holding its own and doing it with more style and sophistication. Plus, chances are, no one will come over to your house for dinner and say, “Hey, I have that same exact lamp!”

At the Nest we are so grateful to find new, loving homes for these heirlooms while saving customers money compared to buying brand new.

We thank you for supporting a small, local, female-owned business and in doing so, supporting our community and a sustainable lifestyle!

The Nest is lovingly owned and operated by Tessa Dee Miller--a mom, DIY + recycling enthusiast, lover of all things old and interesting, small and local business cheerleader and general multi-tasking busy bee.


201 Keystone Ave. Reno, NV • (775) 284-8841 • Open Monday - Saturday 11am - 6pm Sunday 11am - 5pm