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The Nest is a meticulously curated boutique overflowing with vintage, well, everything…


Owned and operated by treasure hunter and upcycling enthusiast Tessa Dee Miller, The Nest has been Reno’s go-to store for everything vintage for nearly a decade. In her crusade against planned obsolescence, Tessa handpicks high-quality items just begging to continue their story.



All our inventory comes from the Reno/Sparks area so money is circulated in our community, putting food on our neighbors tables, instead of lining the pockets of global billionaire corporations

Our classes utilize local makers and artisans who inspire our community toward education and stewardship by bringing back age-old art forms crafted by hand.



We are conscious of our environment and only feature quality items that will stand the test of time rather than be thrown in a landfill.

We are reducing our carbon footprint by selling previously owned items rather than creating new ones. Our Products may need a bit of TLC to restore them to mint condition and we offer helpful advice on how to refresh and refinish these on your own.



We care about the past and believe that heirlooms connect us to history. Each product tells a story and educates future generations on things of the past. We exist to give new life to all things old and forgotten.

We are a place for people to let go of sentimental or nostalgic pieces, feeling confident that the story surrounding their items will be appreciated once again.


There’s a vintage gem for everyone.